MTF Body Contouring

MTF body contouring is a gender-affirming plastic surgery procedure that uses a variety of techniques — including fat grafting and liposuction — in order to create a more feminine shape. When performed by Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg, this body feminization procedure can be customized to meet the exact needs and desires of the individual patient.

Benefits of MTF Body Contouring

Atlanta patients who opt to have this procedure performed find that there are many benefits associated with it, such as:

  • This procedure provides physical gender confirmation.
  • It creates a feminine shape for the body.
  • It offers permanent results.
  • It is a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure.

MTF Body Contouring Costs

Given the fact that this procedure is personalized to meet the individual needs of the patient, the MTF body contouring cost can vary significantly. The number of procedures involved to create the desired feminine shape will determine the final cost, but most patients can expect the costs to range between $6,000 and $10,000.

MTF Body Contouring: What to Expect From Decision to Recovery


In many regards, the consultation is the most important part of the MTF body contouring procedure. When you meet with Dr. Lincenberg, ask me specifically about which procedure I would recommend in order to achieve your desired results.

You may want to ask the following questions during your consultation:

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • How many times have you performed the MTF body contouring procedure?
  • Can you provide me with before and after images of your most recent work on similar procedures?

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg is the top transgender surgeon in Atlanta, and he is dedicated to providing his patients with the results they need in order to live their best, most authentic life. He is known for his caring and empathetic approach, and you will find that he is open, honest and specific during his consultation appointments. Book your consultation today.

Preparing for Your MTF Body Contouring Procedure

In the weeks leading up to your MTF body contouring procedure, you need to prepare yourself both physically and emotionally. Avoid drinking excessively or smoking in the weeks prior to the procedure, and be sure to enjoy a healthy, well-balanced diet leading up to your surgery. This will ensure that your body is in good shape for normal healing. Arrange transportation for the day of the surgery, and enlist the help of family members or friends in the days following the procedure.

The Atlanta MTF Body Contouring Facility

Your Atlanta MTF body contouring procedure will be performed in a premier outpatient plastic surgical center. This facility is well-maintained and welcoming, and you will be made to feel safe, reassured and comfortable from the moment you arrive until the minute you are discharged.

MTF Body Contouring Surgery

The MTF body contouring surgery requires the surgeon to complete a variety of procedures in order to create customized results. You may have one or more of the following procedures performed during your surgery:

  • Liposuction
  • Fat Transfer
  • Buttock Enlargement
  • Torso contouring
  • Breast/chest construction 

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and the length of the surgery will vary based on the number of the procedures being performed. The surgery could last for anywhere between 2 hours and 8 hours. Most patients are released from the clinic that day, but some may be required to stay overnight depending on the intensity of their surgery.

MTF Body Contouring Recovery Time

The full body contouring recovery process takes about four to six weeks, but the most critical time during your recovery will be the first two weeks after the surgery.

Immediately following the surgery, you will begin wearing a compression garment, and it's important that you continue to wear that compression garment at all times for a week. During the first week, you can expect to feel moderate pain and discomfort, but your surgeon can provide you with medication and tips for managing your pain. In addition to wearing your compression garment, you also will need to position yourself while sleeping or sitting in order to allow the fat tissue that has been used in the grafting to survive.

After two weeks, you may be able to return to work and resume light duties. You should avoid all heavy lifting, exercise and strenuous physical activity for at least six weeks.

Risks of MTF Body Contouring

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with MTF body contouring. However, when this surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, these risks are greatly diminished. Some risks that you need to be aware of include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Anesthesia Complications
  • Infection

MTF Body Contouring FAQs

Will there be scarring from my MTF body contouring procedure?

Dr. Lincenberg uses expert surgical techniques in order to minimize any scarring. While there may be some scarring, it's important to know that significant care is taken in order to minimize any visible scarring.

Why will I need to wear a compression garment following the surgery?

The compression garment works to reduce swelling and bruising after the surgery, and also ensures that the results are protected as your body heals.

Is MTF body contouring permanent?

Yes, this is a permanent procedure. However, you may need to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy a nutritious, well-balanced diet in order to preserve your results.

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