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Female-to-Male (FTM) Chest Contouring

Female to Male Top Surgery is custom-designed for each patient because it takes into consideration multiple factors for each person. There are several types of Chest Contouring Procedures:

Lollipop or Comma Procedure:

This procedure is designed for individuals with small amounts of breast tissue and minimal excess skin. The incision is located around the areola and may extend downward for a short distance.

Double Incision:

This procedure is offered to patients with significant amounts of tissue and skin that require removal, as well as repositioning and reducing the nipple and areola. The incision is designed to be along the lower breast edge.

Anchor Procedure:

This procedure is reserved for clients that have very large breasts with minimal hanging of the breasts. It is rarely recommended.

Liposuction or Chest-plasty:

Liposuction is an integral part of the chest contouring procedure. It is used to reduce the thickness of the fat layer surrounding the breast. If the fat is extreme, the liposuction may be carried onto the back. If the fat forms a hanging roll, a chest-plasty may be recommended to achieve a smooth result.

Pectoral Fat Transfer:

Some patients want added bulk to their pectoral muscles for a more manly appearance. Fat grafting into and behind the muscles is preferred to the placement of a silicone implant behind the muscles. Fat grafts are your living fat cells and result in the most natural look and feel. Silicone implants are firmer than breast implants. Some downsides to them are that they can slip out of position even years later and there is always a risk of later illness leading to an infection around the implant. As you view our before/after examples, you will notice a variety of scar patterns, fat preservation and pectoral definition used, depending on factors specific to the patient. However, all can result in a harmonious and natural contour of the chest to the rest of the body.

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