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Buttock Enlargement

Our trans women clients often request a rounder and/or wider shape to the buttocks. For buttock enhancement, there are a number of ways to add curves to the buttocks. At one time, buttock implant surgery was the leading procedure for enhancing the buttocks. Today, the most requested buttock augmentation procedure for transitioning males is referred to as the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” Biologic females also prefer this type of procedure. Only if the patient has exceptionally low body fat, would we recommend the implant method.

Initially popularized by female Hollywood celebrities to add tone, projection, and girth to the buttocks, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that has rapidly become the leading buttock enhancement surgery in the transgender community. The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is less complicated than placement of buttock implants; the recovery time is shorter; it provides more natural-looking attractive results; and it avoids potential complications associated with implants. Of course, a requirement is that the individual has sufficient body fat to use for transplantation to the buttocks.